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Serving Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee in residential and light-commercial networking, audio-visual, automation, and remodeling solutions.


What’s in a name?  Sometimes more than you think…We work hard to provide quality services and products and we know you do too.

Here at BlindMule Baron, LLC we have built our reputation on finding a way to get the job done.

Residential Construction Services

With over 20 years experience in Residential Remodels and Renovations, we provide seamless integration with your existing home and provide service for your project.

Our staff is continually trained on the latest products and techniques to provide you knowledgeable support and training. We stand behind our work!

Custom Kitchen and Baths

Traditionally crafted custom cabinetry and woodworking combined with modern technology to craft solutions that are highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Appliances and Accessories

If you’re like us, you value the time spent with family and friends in your kitchen. To help you with your dream kitchen, come see us and take a tour of kitchen galleries designed for any budget and any dream.

Financing for All Your Needs

Our top priority is to make sure your home improvement project with us is smooth and painless. We have several options to make sure your project is quick and easy. Regardless of the type of project around the home, we can help you.

Residential Services

We specialize in home automation, theatre, and remodeling.  Our designs focus on seamless integration with your existing home without a high learning curve for you.

Business Services

Ideas to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to efficiently use existing resources before investing in a ‘one-size fits all solution’ that is geared towards larger companies.


Technology has transformed industry tremendously since the beginning of the 20th century. We provide a variety of support services that can greatly increase efficiency and reliability.

Case studies

Why should we have Universal Healthcare?

One of the most controversial issues of today is universal healthcare. America remains the only industrialized nation that does not provide some form of comprehensive health care to its citizenry. Because of this, healthcare costs, both from the individual and company perspectives, are becoming a major influence on economic decisions

The Influence of Parents on a Child’s Development

Education has suddenly become paramount in order for an individual to gain a high socioeconomic status as the business structures of most marketplaces are becoming more and more technology driven. This switch to a technology-driven society will continue to become an ever increasing influence on the policies that govern communities and countries.

The Morality of Housing Policy

The practice of regulating land use through zoning ordinances has been a part of American society since the early 20th century. Zoning and other planning practices are often viewed as cumbersome bureaucratic nonsense that needlessly regulates the height of our fences or the width of our houses. In reality, however, these regulations are the tools for the implementation of public policies that dictate the very make-up of our communities.

The Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation in Rural America

Local city government is always where policy meets reality. And ironically, local city government is the place where the deficits of the public administration system are most glaring. One policy that has surfaced over the last decades is the use of historic preservation ordinances and policy to help alleviate the problems affecting economically depressed areas of urban and rural communities.

The Living Roof

Pioneered in Germany in the 1960s, a modern “living” or “green” roofing system is more than dumping soil on a roof and planting vegetation. These systems are one of the best examples of a green product on the market today.

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