BlindMule Baron

Serving Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee providing renovations, automation, and efficiency solutions.

Design Your Flow

BlindMule Baron provides residential and light commercial design and project management services focused on efficient planning provided in a timely manner. Whether its for your Home or Work we have ideas to help businesses and home owners to efficiently use existing resources before investing in a ‘one-size fits all solution’.

What We Do

Design & Planning





Our work spans Residential renovations, light commercial interiors, and Industrial Systems


Office Interiors, Room Conversions, Whole Home Renovations

AV Systems and Networking

Network Wiring, Audio-Video Systems, and Remote Sensing


Windows, Doors, Historic Preservation


Retrofit Insulation, Smart Systems, Lighting


water testing, pathogens, VOCs

Providing Our Clients Efficient Solutions for Any Situation

Residential & Commercial

We specialize in residential and light commercial design and  project management with a focus on providing efficient and comfortable solutions. We have a network of suppliers and subcontractors with a long track-record of providing  skilled, on-site management services for residential, commercial and public works projects.

Project Management

The shortage of skilled labor is a continual concern of the construction industry . Technology will play a key role in developing a new workforce and increasing efficiency in product delivery. We provide professional support services (from project design to installation) for industrial sites, prime contractors and subcontractors


We design industrial remote sensing, networking, and video systems. We have the capabilities to economically develop custom solutions for your project that improve productivity, and empower employees.


Environmental Testing

On site environmental testing for potentially hazardous conditions for commercial, schools, and home owners.  We can provide analysis for a wide variety of contaminants such as asbestos, VOCs, mold, lead, pathogens, and allergens.  All testing performed by accredited and certified laboratories.

What’s in a name?  Sometimes more than you think…We work hard to provide quality services/products and we know you do too.   Here at BlindMule Baron, LLC we have built our reputation on finding a way to get the job done, ‘don’t worry about the mule being blind, just load the wagon up’  . . . .

Case Studies

Bud Clark Commons

The Apartments at Bud Clark Commons offer 130 studio homes that serve residents who have been experiencing homelessness. Nine of the apartments have physical accommodations for accessibility. Part of an innovative center that serves persons who are homeless

Influences on Survey Response Rate

The following factors have been studied as potentially affecting survey response rates.
As to each factor there haye been various research findings as to whether there is a
demonstrated effect between that factor and a higher response rate.

BIM-based Multi-Trade Prefabrication

Since the introduction of BIM, the construction industry has looked at many ways to use the software to increase efficiency and decrease time needed for a project.

The Living Roof

Pioneered in Germany in the 1960s, a modern “living” or “green” roofing system is more than dumping soil on a roof and planting vegetation. These systems are one of the best examples of a green product on the market today.

Can Technology Save the Construction Industry?

The shortage of skilled labor will be a continual concern of the construction industry especially for the next 3-5 years. Technology will play a key role in developing a new workforce and increasing efficiency in product delivery.

Do You Have a Smart Home?

Switching on lights with an app or watching the living room via a netcam is fascinating technology but it only scratches the surface of what is possible with a fully integrated home.