Best practices for Bookkeeper

• Set up a chart of accounts that best keeps track of all your bookkeeping information.
• Balance and record daily sales and cash receipts daily.
• Reconcile your bank account.
• Watch closely your accounts receivable from customers.
• Pay your bills accurately and on time.
• Set up sales and revenue targets and monitor your progress closely.
• Budget for all your expenses and compare your performance to budget regularly.
• Watch for unusual changes in sales or expenses.
• Monitor your gross profit closely and make any necessary pricing or purchase decisions.
• Take care of slow moving inventory.
• Pay your employee withholding taxes and GST/HST when due.
• Take physical counts of your inventory and compare to your bookkeeping records.

Bud Clark Commons

The Apartments at Bud Clark Commons offer 130 studio homes that serve residents who have been experiencing homelessness. Nine of the apartments have physical accommodations for accessibility. Part of an innovative center that serves persons who are homeless

Influences on Survey Response Rate

The following factors have been studied as potentially affecting survey response rates.
As to each factor there haye been various research findings as to whether there is a
demonstrated effect between that factor and a higher response rate.

BIM-based Multi-Trade Prefabrication

Since the introduction of BIM, the construction industry has looked at many ways to use the software to increase efficiency and decrease time needed for a project.

The Living Roof

Pioneered in Germany in the 1960s, a modern “living” or “green” roofing system is more than dumping soil on a roof and planting vegetation. These systems are one of the best examples of a green product on the market today.