Connect to a Monitor or TV - NO WI-FI NEEDED!

With ScreenBeam Mini2, you can enjoy your favorite videos, photos and movies on the best display in the house. Simply connect the tiny adapter to your HDTV and you can wirelessly display content from a compatible laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Anything you can see on your laptop or tablet, you can see on your HDTV. Sit back and watch movies from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or YouTube – all from the comfort of your living room couch. Or share vacation photos with friends or view a spreadsheet in the office conference room, without having to huddle around the tiny screen of a mobile device. You can even extend your screen to view a different Window on each of your devices. Check your social media on your device while watching a video on your HDTV.

We have been testing the device for over two months now and find that the  Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2  is a outstanding solution to those who want to connect an external monitor to a Windows 8 or above tablet or laptop as well as Android phones and tablets.   New laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1’s with Intel 6th generation or later with WiDi can automatically connect with the Screenbeam Mini2 along with Miracast enabled Android devices.  NOTE:  Currently the device IS NOT compatible with iPhones.

This wireless display adapter is well suited for those who need to give presentations — either business or education — without having their tablet wired to a projector or large monitor.  It’s a easy-to-use solution for those who want to cast their tablet screen to a large TV to watch video, with little latency. Did we mention NO Wi-Fi NETWORK NECESSARY.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Edge
  • HTC Bolt
  • HTC Lifestyle
  • HTC Desire 830
  • LG G3, G2
  • LG Optimus G


• H.264 compression
• Supports up to full 1080p30 resolution
• LPCM, 2 channel stereo
A/V Interface
• HDMI, Type-A male connector
• 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual-band 2.4 & 5GHz, 2×2 internal antenna
• WPA2, WPS virtual PBC, AES 128-bit
Content Protection
• HDCP 2.x for HDMI
• Power Input: 5V / 1A
• Power Consumption: < 4W
• Wi-Fi Miracast™, Intel® WiDi

What customers say...

When we looked at reviews from customers who had purchased the Screenbeam Mini 2, most were generally positive and most of the negative reviews seemed to center around the first version of the Screenbeam.

I have been using Actiontec SBWD100A01 ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Receiver satisfactorily for a while now. We have bought a new TV and needed another one of the Screenbeam devices and I decided to try out this mini version. It is cheaper, smaller, and works even better than the pro version probably because of the latest firmware. I watched 2 hour long video on the first try and it has never dropped the signal or delayed the audio. The connecting takes about 5 seconds. If you have PC’s, Android devices and TV with a HDMI slot, this is now a MUST-HAVE item. I am buying one more for my sister.

Samsung S6 owners must read this. The S6 no longer supports MHL ( hdmi direct input with adapter corded to the TV) I purchased the Samsung all cast wireless hub and it did work but with less than adequate results. The video playback when mirroring was choppy and robotic. Connecting the device was a struggle constantly having to push the reset button. I also bought a Microsoft wireless display adapter, no luck connecting with that either. I thought I was out of options and I tried this. It works excellent. Phone connects with no issues and the playback on the tv is smooth with no lag. You do not need Internet service with this device. ( you will use the data on your phone). I was going out of my mind trying to find a way to mirror with my new phone and find a review regarding the Samsung S6. I hope this helps.

Gary George

Very disappointed. Turns out it is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY OF MY DEVICES. DOES NOT WORK WITH IPHONE. DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 7 OPERATING SYSTEM!! I have spent hours on installing and it’s all a waste of time AND money!!

Kathy Ranshaw

Just got it love it my only concern is when using for 2 hrs it got really hot but afterwards i just unplugged it when not using will see what happens day 2 ,tommorrow.LG-g4 using miracast works great! I recommend it make sure you read instructions on compatibility.