Five Senses for the Home

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Eric Mobley, discusses our sensor array packages currently in development. We have been developing different uses and applications in everyday work and living. 

We are using embedded sensors to gather data throughout the home for energy efficiency and automation.  Our products are designed to be locally based requiring no cloud-based subscriptions…You Keep Your Data.

Home Entertainment

We offer the latest in home entertainment installations. Home theaters, whole house media distributions, patio systems, App intregration or whatever you can think of, we can do it!  Learn More...

The Paradox of Music Technology

Most trained musicians (those who have devoted their life to or acquired mastery on a particular instrument, voice included) have a precarious relationship with music technology at best. They prefer to remain within the confines of the established musical canon. This creates a paradox in music because if musicians are not using music technology, than can it still be considered “music” technology?

The Living Roof

Pioneered in Germany in the 1960s, a modern “living” or “green” roofing system is more than dumping soil on a roof and planting vegetation. These systems are one of the best examples of a green product on the market today.

Residential Renewable Energy Credit

The federal government allows you to claim a tax credit of up to 30 percent of your costs toward solar electric systems.

The House Whisperer

When it comes to home automation, one of the least understood aspects is communications (as usual). How do things talk to one another? Is it secure? Can my old 8-track be automated?

Home Automation

Along with security comes greater peace-of-mind and flexibility, for parents in particular. Live video feed into the home and automated home functions, such as lights, locks and TV allows you to ease your mind.  Learn More...

Our Philosphy

Designs to help small business and homeowners  efficiently create custom solutions before investing in a ‘one-size fits all’ alternatives.

Over 20 Years of Experience

We have over 20 years experience in residential and light commercial renovations.  From simple installations to turn-key projects, we have an answer for you!