• Designed to compliment style of your home
  • Custom trim with accent lights
  • Insulated floor, walls, and ceiling
  • A/V and wifi connections
  • Double-pane insulated safety glass
  • Mini-Split DC Inverter AC/Heater

Sun Rooms designed for use and comfort so that no matter the season, you can, entertain guests, relax and watch the morning news, or sit and do…nothing at all!

Double-pane insulated safety glass reduces UV rays by up to 90% while providing a high level of protection from storm damage.
The walls, ceilings are insulation and sealed with foam eliminating drafts while greatly minimizing noise.
Also, we use high efficiency Mini-Split HVAC units to control the temperature. By using a DC inverter compressor, the unit only ‘works’ as needed, not like traditional HVAC units which or either 100% on or off.
 TV, audio, and wifi connections are hidden so as not to detract from room aesthetics.

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